Take a deep dive into your images and explore everything about them.  

We'll look at each image and spend a few minutes discussing what the image is about, what story does it tell, whom or what is the subject.


The goal of a review is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of all the images and go work on what is needed.  If you are ready to go further in your photography and really get personal with your work, this session is for you.

We'll need about 10-15 digital images or prints to get this going.  Make sure it's your latest and greatest work.  

Things to think about before bringing the images:

Is the work clear and concise to the theme of the portfolio?

Where do you want to go with these images?

Pre-Reqs: None


Location is any agreed upon spot you like.  Library, coffee shop, whatever is convenient for you. 


Please bring 10-15 prints at least 8x10 or greater. Also acceptable to bring a USB drive with those images so we can import them and view on a laptop.

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Once the order is received you will be contacted to setup the session

Note: Max time limit is 60 minutes.  Most sessions will last 30-60 minutes.  Single review sessions only, no groups.