Fall is coming soon!

With cooler temperatures around the corner...ok ya right maybe in November, but still sometime in the future it will cool down.  The kids are back in school and Halloween is coming up soon.  

Here's a tip for those kids as they are running around outside for Halloween.  It's going to be getting darker as you walk around that night and those kids just don't stay still.  So when that starts happening and you need to keep up with them to make sharp pictures remember these tips.

1. Raise your ISO to 1600-3200.  Don't be afraid to add a little bit of grain.  Remember, your camera on your smartphone is doing it for you :).  If you have an ISO setting go ahead and raise that up.  It will keep your shutter speeds closer to 1/80 sec or higher to make sure you can freeze the action.  

2. Shoot at lower apertures.  Lowering the aperture number to f/4 or lower can help you keep shutter speeds up as well.  This means that your aperture will be wide open and allowing more ambient light in.  This will help snag those kids running down the block looking for more candy.

3. Shoot in Shutter priority - Look on your cameras menu or dial for an "S" mode.  This will let you dial in the shutter speed to say 1/80 or 1/125th and the camera will automatically increase ISO or lower aperture when needed to make sure the exposure is correct.  It's almost fool proof.  

I hope these tips will help you in your fall captures.  Remember this post and many more will be on the way as I start a weekly series of tips.  And remember, 1 hour tutorials are just $49.  

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