Storehouse - A storytelling app for iOS

I think like me a number of us are guilty of shooting pics and videos on our phones and then doing nothing with them.  Well the good folks at Storehouse have a great way for you to get them out there and share.

The app is called Storehouse and it's available on the Apple appstore.  As soon as you log in and create an account you see these visually dynamic stories that folks are sharing.  The app is similar to Exposure but it's purely iOS based.  

The format is simple.  Take pictures and videos and then create a new story with your media.  You can pull in images from dropbox, instagram, Lightroom, and your own photo library.  So if you had images you shot on a different camera like a DSLR you can import those as well.  I think the app is more geared towards folks presenting the best work for the story, no matter the format.  You won't feel trapped to just upload what you shot on your phone.  

You can see a great example story from @Vincentlaforet here

He tells a great story of a visit with a dear friend as he meets up Austin.  He shares some great images and videos and it was all shot on the new iPhone 6.  

Here is a sample video of the site in action.  

Features that you will love

  • Absolutely gorgeous images that you can customize in size by pinching, swiping, and zooming on your idevice
  • Text editor that allows the heading, normal, and quotation styling built in
  • The integration of multiple file storage sites such as dropbox, instagram, and lightroom
  • Videos auto play on a loop (muted by default) and only start when you scroll to the video and stop once you scroll past
  • Comments, republishing, and sharing features, favorites (republish is similar to reblog on Tumblr)
  • A flow similar to 500px with your list of people you follow and the content they have created or republished stories
  • Batch load a whole folder of content to a story for ease of publishing

I've been on the site for 1 day and I can't believe how rich and amazing it is.  While scrolling thru stories looking for new content if someone has a video that content plays in the preview and works seamlessly.  You truly have to see it to believe it.

Signing up is very simple.  You can grab your if you get there fast.  I signed up with Twitter and it automatically pulled in my @codyashphoto info and my profile from Twitter.  

I hope this review is helpful.  Please check out the site and let me know what you think in the comments.  


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