As you may have seen yesterday on my Instagram I posted a pic at my shooting location Sunday morning.  It was going to be gorgeous when the sun came out.  It would peek thru the clouds over the bridge in downtown Georgetown and just put a kiss of light on the cliffs at Blue Hole on the San Gabriel River.  

That was my plan at least.  Sometimes your plans do not go as...well...planned.  I waited for the sun to come up just over that bridge in the distance.  I'll post one image to show you how it failed big time.  This will go the recycle bin for sure but it's ok.  

The lesson I learned a while back shooting landscapes was to try again.  Even when I get a very successful session at a spot, I'll go back just to see if I can get a different angle, different light, or different ambiance.  

I will go back to Blue Hole and try this again.  The forecast was to have morning clouds but they would burn off and be sunny.  That just happened a lot later in the day and the light would not be as nice as morning.

So I left defeated but it was just a battle, not the war.  I'll be back.  I experimented with my polarizer and my variable ND filter.  It gave some great movement in the clouds, but left a ghastly blue streak from the sides that were polarized.  It's not a pretty sight to say the least.  

I might find a combination that works some other time.  I have a very cheap ND filter and a decent polarizer so I suspect it's the former causing the issue.  

Don't give up on your shots folks, stick around for an hour or two and see what you can get.  If it's a keeper then you win for that day.  If you just enjoyed a morning out in nature, well, you still win.  :)