Welcome to Central Texas Studios

Hi, Cody here from Central Texas Studios.  I'm extremely honored to be starting this in the Austin area.  There are so many great people here and I'm excited to bring some classes to the area.  

I know you can find lots of training online.  Youtube, Vimeo, custom training from vendors like CreativeLive, and much more.  As much as I have learned from actually doing lots of online training, I still don't get as much out of it as I do from in person training.  

The first offering from the studios is going to be Intro to Photography.  This will be a class where anyone can come in and learn the basics of light, camera settings, recipes for success for portraits, landscapes, and much more.  From there we want to offer some classes on Digital Editing, Lighting, Macro, and whatever else you feel we need to be teaching.  

I encourage you to take a class, in fact please utilize my Friends and Family discount for your first class.  Use code ff15 during checkout to receive 15% off your first class.

Tell your friends about this page.  I want everyone to experience what we have to offer.  

Hope to see you soon.